Best Night Vision Scope Attachments in 2021 – Pard NV 007 A

Pard nv 007

Best Night Vision Scope Attachments in 2021 – Pard NV 007 A

Not all hunters settle on the requirement of a night vision scope however, in my opinion, these attachments are worth having. Certain, you could shoot in the evening without one. Yet, do you seriously wish to?

With a top-quality night vision scope add-on, hunting in low light is simple as well as uncomplicated. You can concentrate on doing what you do ideal: picking out targets and squeezing off precise shots.

Like all rifle accessories, a night vision scope requires to be thoroughly picked to ensure that it’s compatible with both your tool and shooting design.

This isn’t constantly simple considering the number of products get on the market. So, I have actually created a detailed scope attachment getting a guide.

I have actually thought about weight, develop stability, sturdiness, accuracy, style, and much more so you do not have to. There are four-night vision scope attachments on my listing and they’re all featured since they provide excellent performance.

After we have actually checked out each extensive, I’ll offer my suggestions on what makes a fantastic evening scope add-on.

Pard nv 007-1Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose a Top Night Vision Scope Attachment

You can not expect to purchase simply any type of superior glass or add-on and see an assured improvement in your evening shooting. If you select one that does not gel with your style and also targeting preferences, you may even make your performance worse.

So, it’s important to consider your choice carefully.

1. Image Sharpness

For weapon scopes, image intensity is represented by Lp/mm (lines per millimeter). The larger the spec number, the more clear the views created by a range add-on.

Go for the greatest number you can pay to buy if you’re serious about boosting your accuracy when shooting in the evening.

Do take various other variables right into consideration also. If you’re already an excellent marksman, perhaps you can make up a somewhat lower Lp/mm for a lighter development or some other helpful function. The most valuable characteristics for you depend on your skills, shooting settings, and also preferences. This is a crucial point to remember.

You’ll discover most night vision scope add-ons offer Lp/mm of 55 or a little much more. The sharpest, clearest images call for a spec closer to sixty or seventy. Once again, it relies on what rate you enjoy spending on your device.

2. Gen Version

Where you see the words ‘gen’ or ‘generation,’ they refer to the refinement level of the accessory. I must stress this does not indicate you absolutely require the biggest and baddest fourth-generation extent add-on on the marketplace.

Possibly you just head out evening hunting a handful of times annually. In some cases, it’s not worth sprinkling the money on high-performance features you don’t really require.

There are 4 generations of evening scope accessory readily available at this point with 4 standing for the most sophisticated. My preferred night vision scopes remain in both or 3 categories with equivalent photo intensifier tubes (2+ or 3+). The ‘+’ symbol on spec breakdowns is used to indicate an attachment with some components more advanced than the attachment’s gen number.

I’ll clarify because this is a crucial distinction. If you’re taking a look at a Gen ‘3+’ scope attachment, know the product is of the 3rd generation with some attributes and/or parts common to the fourth generation.

Consequently, I suggest you consider your alternatives meticulously as well as don’t just instantly select the night vision scope with the greatest gen number. You could not require it.

Pard nv 007-23. Field of View

The field of view, on the other hand, is straightforward. Get a night vision attachment with the most significant spec you can afford.

Proficient shooters can make narrower fields of the sight feature perfectly yet the majority of us need night support from a field of vision reaching a minimum of a hundred lawns. This is important for finding targets at night.

4. Resilience and Ruggedness

It’s constantly worth considering the sturdiness of a scope attachment. Resilience is necessary despite whether you’re hunting in the day or dark. Your shooting accessories must constantly be tough sufficient to take a knock or 3.

The most crucial functions are haze as well as rainproofing. I’d additionally advise hefty recoil resistance unless you never intend to make use of any kind of hefty cartridges. Plans transform; it’s a useful thing to have in any case.

5. IR Illuminators

Don’t forget, you need an IR illuminator of some description to squeeze off those accurate shots in the dark. If a night vision scope doesn’t have one, it at least needs the mounting capabilities for one.

The bigger the illuminator, the more powerful it will be. Think about the possible trade-offs with weight and balance.

6. Weight and Size

Night vision optics are just heavier overall than daylight versions. If it’s your first time using them, adjustments may be needed to accommodate this extra weight. For instance, you may need to start with the lightest possible night vision scope attachment.

Then, once accustomed to the weight, upgrade to something a bit chunkier. If you’re confident in your skills, by all means, use a bigger, heftier attachment.

TOP 4 Best Night Vision Scope Attachments in 2021

1. Pard NV 007 A Digital Night Vision Monocular Attachment

PARD NV 007 is presently one of the best products in the world of sports optics. For a remarkably economical rate of 500 USD, this electronic night vision attachment delivers more than one can expect at this cost factor. The Pard NV 007 is a compact and lightweight (250g) high-tech clip-on night viewer, which allows you to quickly and easily convert a normal rifle scope into a state of art night viewer for both short and long-distance, day and night. The PARD NV007 can also be used as a handheld monocular night vision device.

It is a budget-friendly military-grade viewer, which is used to great satisfaction with a large number of people worldwide.
With 1080P HD Full-color day-time video recording and 1080P HD night-time video recording, in MP4 format on the micro SD card.

Pard NV 007 A is a New 2020 edition with an OLED screen – The popular digital day and night binoculars can easily be mounted on the back end of your existing rifle binoculars as a clip-on solution or use as it a handheld spotter.

Unlike most prominent night vision accessories, PARD NV 007 is placed on the eyepiece of the riflescope rather than the goal. On top of that, you won’t need to spend any type of additional money on the adapter as it is currently consisted of in the box. Bear in mind, however, that the adapter consisted of in the box is created for eyepiece size of 45 mm, 45 mm is the maximum value. If the eyepiece of your riflescope is much wider (or narrower) than this, the adapter won’t fit. Thankfully, you can also buy a 42mm and also 48mm adapter.

Once the adapter is placed on the riflescope, attaching the NV007 to the adapter is unbelievably simple– just press it on and turn it up until you hear a click. Removing it is equally as easy, you need to pull the little switch next to the objective back and revolve it in the counterclockwise instructions– no additional tools are needed for the accessory in addition to elimination.

2. Armasight CO-Mini HD MG Gen 2

Pard nv 007-3The Armasight CO-Mini HD MG Gen 2 –offers a little more than the standard attachment. It comes with thermal imaging which isn’t something everybody looks for. Even if it’s not on your buying list, I recommend you take a look at this product anyway. It is compatible with a broad variety of 2-6x military and commercial daylight scopes.

It means the Armasight CO-Mini HD MG Gen 2 is an easy way to upgrade your daylight scope’s functions and add night sight capabilities. Pretty cool right? As it clips right onto the day scope, you don’t even need to reset to zero. This makes for a rapid switch and change system. The Armasight night vision scope has 1x magnification power and a field of view reaching up to twenty meters.

It includes a high def Generation 2+ image tube that boasts a reasonably impressive 55-72 Ip/mm resolution. One of my favorite features is the long-range infrared illumination mechanism to aid visibility and precision.

Some other useful elements are the bright light switch-off feature, the battery life icon, and manual gain control. Together, they combine to create a night vision attachment that adapts to all kinds of conditions and situations.

This night vision scope attachment wouldn’t be much to shout about if it didn’t have weatherproofing. The product is made from aircraft-grade aluminum so it’s very strong and durable. It also has water, fog, and heavy recoil resistance.

When you’re out shooting in the dark, it’s even more important to avoid these distractions. The only weak part of the Armasight CO-Mini HD MG Gen 2 attachment is some potential issues with quality control. Though I didn’t experience this myself, I’ve seen reports of customers receiving misaligned parts and attachments with superficial damage.

3. PRG Defense Comanche 40 NW Gen 2

The PRG Defense Comanche 40 NW Gen 2 is a snap-on night vision scope attachment designed to be adaptable and supremely user-friendly. It can be added to almost any conventional 12x day hunting scope. The quick mount mechanism means it takes only a second or two (less once you’re familiar with it) to equip this accessory.

As with most night vision attachments, the idea is you snap it on and start shooting. You shouldn’t need to fuss with settings or reset zero. The eye relief works as is; clip on the accessory and find your target even in low or no light. It’s ideal for extended hunting trips because the transition between day and night shooting is so natural.

The PRG Defense Comanche 40 NW Gen 2 produces sharp views via the use of a high-performance Gen 2+ image intensifier tube. The so-called ‘white phosphor’ filter delivers sharp, focused black and white pictures.

With 55-72 Ip/mm image resolution and a top range of ten meters, you can expect a satisfying shooting experience.

This night scope attachment boasts various features such as a detachable long-range IR illuminator which I particularly enjoyed. It comes with all the standard extras such as bright light switch-off functions, manual gain control, wireless remote control, and LED icons for monitoring things like battery life.

The PRG Defense Comanche is afforded additional toughness with robust weatherproofing and heavy recoil resistance. One minor gripe with the PRG Defense Comanche 40 NW Gen 2 is it can feel overly heavy on the weapon at times. At 2.3 lbs it’s hardly the heftiest scope attachment I’ve ever used.

Beginners might find it a little unwieldy though. If you’ve never hunted at night with an attachment like this before, I suggest you practice and get a feel for its weight and balance.

4. PRG Defense Comanche 22 3NL1 Gen 3

The PRG Defense Comanche 22 3NL1 Gen 3 night vision scope attachment is compatible across the board. I don’t know if it fits any daylight scope but it worked great with all the weapons and daytime scopes I tried.

So, it offers a great deal of flexibility which is very valuable on night hunts. As with most of these accessories, its mounting system is straightforward. The snap-on mechanism is just as easy to equip in the dark as in full light.

Again, you shouldn’t need to mess with the scope’s zero after equipping. Position your attachment ahead of the daytime scope and leave the eyepiece as it is unless you feel the night scope throws it off some.

I didn’t have to adjust any of these details before use and I don’t think you will either. The whole purpose of these night vision scopes is to make shooting in the dark as effortless as possible.

The PRG Defense Comanche 22 3NL1 Gen 3 provides 47-54 Lp/mm image resolution and ten meters of range. The high def Gen 3+ image intensifier tube means views are always sharp and unobstructed.

For mid-range shooting after dark, this night vision attachment is probably the best on our list. Extra features include a manual gain control, a bright light switch-off function, and a removable long-range IR illuminator.

This scope attachment is made of strong stuff to ensure it can tolerate any knocks and accidents in low light. It features resilient fog, rain, and heavy recoil resistance and even includes a little lens wiper which isn’t the case for all products.

Like its other night scope attachment – the PRG Defense Comanche 40 NW Gen 2 – it’s a little on the heavier side.

It should be noted though that this particular attachment is only 1.65 lbs. The PRG Defense Comanche 40 NW Gen 2 is a chunky 2.3 lbs so significantly heavier. If weight is an issue, choose this one over the other.

On the plus side, the lithium battery’s life is reasonably generous at sixty hours. Although, the rate at which the battery runs down is influenced by how you shoot and not just by how long you’re out there.

Final Words

The support of a reliable high-quality night vision scope is invaluable for marksmen and hunters who want to target shoot after dark. It will help you get a sharper, clearer view, increase your overall accuracy and deliver a more rewarding experience.

I hope this comprehensive guide to four of the best products gives you some guidance when choosing and using a night sight attachment. If you don’t have time, PARD NV 007 A will be a nice choice for you. Hope this post could help you, enjoy your hunting.

Anyway, we appreciate having the opportunity to earn your business. is all we do, and we take great pride in creating educated consumers from our reviews, tests, and unbiased information. If at any time you have a question, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for trusting us, have a nice day!

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