The Best Scope for Hog Hunting in 2021 – PARD NV008 Plus Digital Scope

pard nv008

The Best Scope for Hog Hunting in 2021 – PARD NV008 Plus Digital Scope

The scopes that people utilize for hunting wild pigs are a little various from those made use of for deer hunting. Such tools take into consideration the really special behavioral qualities of the feral animal. First-time hog hunters typically end up sensation dissatisfied as a result of their bad choice of a rifle scope.

From the magnification to the overall light transmission performance, one has to recognize the special attributes of the most effective scope for hog hunting. To make life simpler for you, we have put together and also checked 6 of the top scopes for hunting feral pigs. This will certainly assist you to zero in on the tool that is excellent for your rifle.

Best Scope for Hog Hunting Reviews of 2021

1. ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

pard nv008-1What I like the most about this premier rifle scope is its video clip recording as well as picture shooting capacities. Personally, I would like to flaunt to my friends how I had the ability to get a target from a range and afterward choose the kill. You can additionally use this function to evaluate your shots, allowing you to refine your target sighting as well as shooting skills.

As the very best scope for pig hunting, the X-Sight Pro supplies a very crisp and also clear picture right before your eyes. The pictures are free from distortion and they stand out with full color. Obviously, the shade of the picture can decrease during nighttime pursues. The bright side is that the integrated IR imaging innovation in the X-Sight Pro allows you to have a far better view of your target.

Exact shots are also ensured with the X-Sight Pro placed on your rifle. It has a system that allows novice hunters to shoot like a pro. Hope this post could help you find the best scope for hog hunting, if you don’t have time, PARD NV008 will be a nice choice for you.

It does not truly matter if the ATN X-Sight K Pro Rifle Scope is hefty. Our company believes that this is the best rifle scope for hunting feral pigs on the market today. Its ingenious functions and durable building make it an extremely useful purchase.

2. Vortex Optics Crossfire II 3-12X56 AO Hog Hunter Riflescope

pard nv008-2We tested the Crossfire II on our modified AR-15. It carried out exceptionally well. The brilliant reticle makes target discovery extremely easy. The lens modern technology of the scope also makes it carry out much better in reduced light conditions. As far as we problem, this is just one of the best hog hunting scopes for AR-15.

While we miss the video recording capacities of the ATN X-Sight, targeting at a boar some 50 yards away with the Crossfire II is extremely uncomplicated. We were likewise able to utilize the scope for hunting deer some 200 yards away. Its broad lens power makes it an excellent device for long-range shooting, as well. This makes it a high-quality rifle scope for several applications.

The only unfavorable thing about the Crossfire II is its mediocre performance when used in the rain or snow. While it is water-resistant, the picture’s high quality tends to dip in this weather. Hope this post could help you find the best scope for hog hunting, if you don’t have time, PARD NV008 will be a nice choice for you.

Regardless of a noticeable reduction in picture top quality during rainy or snowy conditions, we still assume that the Vortex Optics Crossfire II continues to be the very best boar hunting rifle scope. Its wide range of scope power makes it a versatile hunting scope. It has a good rate for its numerous great high qualities, also.

3. ATN ThOR-HD 640 Thermal Rifle Scope

pard nv008-3What satisfied us the most concerning the ThOR-HD is its thermal imaging technology. No target can ever before leave your view before once again. From feral pigs to various other pets that prowl in the night, the modern technology incorporated into this high-end scope grabs the distinct thermal trademark of any target.

While we are fans of real optical scopes, we can not deny the brilliance of ATN’s electronic imaging technology. The scope supplies really sharp and clear pictures during daytime hunting. And if you are not exactly sure concerning the precision of your shots, you can always rely on the integrated ballistic calculator and also rangefinder of the ThOR-HD.

Not just is the ThOR-HD a high-performance thermal scope. It is additionally among the coolest you can ever before place into your hunting rifle. The capability to videotape video clips, stream your experiences, as well as take still shots are additionally huge incentives of the platform.

Provided these innovations, it must not stun you to find out that it sets you back greater than three times that of the X-Sight 4K Pro. This restricts the scope to only those that have adequate cash to spare. Hope this post could help you find the best scope for hog hunting, if you don’t have time, PARD NV008 will be a nice choice for you.

We understand the too high price tag of the ATN ThOR-HD 640. However, this doesn’t prevent us from suggesting this low-light hog extent to those who want only the best for their nighttime hunting journeys.

4. PARD NV008 Plus Digital Night Vision Riflescope

Digital rifle scope Pard NV008 Plus is the best option on the market. It has the lowest weight, affordable price, and nice image quality. It has no application for your smartphone and it is not possible to make wi-fi streaming from your scope. But the main crucial disadvantage of this scope is its eye relief – only 35mm. I am using centerfire rifles in .308 WIN and .30-06 SPR – this means they have some recoil. With 35 mm eye relief, I will injure my eye.

This compact build Pard NV008 Plus Digital night vision scope with its sturdy full aluminum body will surprise you! It will set a new benchmark amongst dedicated night vision scope units. The 1080p color for daytime use and 1080p nighttime viewing, MP4 video recording, high-grade aluminum body, and compact powerful IR illuminator gives you amazing value and performance for the money.

With the included weaver rails it can be mounted easily on your rifle and without the rail, it can be used as a handheld night vision spotting scope too. The Pard NV008 Plus night vision monocular comes with a choice of 5 reticles and is ideal for the day and nighttime vermin or stalking shots with the ability to switch to night mode with HD image quality when required. An IR torch illuminator with zoom function from spot to flood is building in and three IR power modes.

If you’re prepared to deal with shimming the QD mount that comes with the Pard NV008, you’ll be more than pleased with it. Its performance, price point, and additional features outweigh the tediousness of its inherent mount design. If you have a varmint rifle that is perfect for the NV008, this is a must-have.

5. Nikon P-Tactical 300BLK 2-7X32 Matte BDC Riflescope

Our evaluation reveals that the P-Tactical 300BLK is the best .300 Blackout scope for hog hunting. It has good light transmission through its large, good quality glass. The addition of multiple coatings on the lens also improves both the clarity and brightness of the image.

We also like the zoom control of the 300BLK. It is smooth and allows for rapid adjustment of the power of the scope. Speaking of the power, the magnification range is just right for hunting feral pigs. The maximum power is also high enough for long-range shots.

The turrets of the P-Tactical 300BLK are also crisp. Resetting them to zero is also easy. The turrets also allow for a more effortless adjustment of the shot. The reticle is bright, which makes for the easier sighting of the target hog.

Our only wish is for Nikon to add a few more technologies into the 300BLK to make it more efficient in nighttime hunting activities. Nevertheless, for its price, this scope is good enough. Hope this post could help you find the best scope for hog hunting, if you don’t have time, PARD NV008 will be a nice choice for you.

While devoid of thermal or IR night vision capabilities, the Nikon P-Tactical 300BLK remains an excellent choice for novice and more practical hunters. The quality is unquestionable and the performance is excellent for its price.

6. Trijicon ACOG 3.5×35 Riflescope

What we found admirable in the Trijicon product is its low light performance. Unlike other systems that use batteries, this stylish scope uses a combination of fiber optics and tritium to give you a bright and clear view of the wild hog. The dot in the reticle is also bright, guaranteeing more precise shots.

Since this scope is still an ACOG, you can bet that its use is not only for hunting wild pigs. It can also be an invaluable tool for CQB and other tactical engagements. There are several modes built into the system that gives the scope maximum versatility in terms of application.

The only issue that we saw about this ACOG is the tendency of its reticle to lose some of its clarity in very bright conditions. It can get blurred for a few brief moments before it settles into its ‘ideal’ brightness.

The issue of reticle quality is more or less related to the shooter’s eye condition. That is why we are confident in recommending this ACOG for hog hunting. It looks handsome on any rifle and can bring you that hog trophy anytime. Hope this post could help you find the best scope for hog hunting, if you don’t have time, PARD NV008 will be a nice choice for you.

What Makes a Great Hog Hunting Scope?

The quality of the scope’s optics is one of the most important characteristics of a great hog hunting scope. Lens quality is directly proportional to its light transmission capabilities. It is important to understand that wild hogs prefer to go out of their hiding places as soon as there is no more sun in the sky.

An exceptional wild boar hunting scope performs very well in low-light conditions. And if it comes integrated with a thermal imaging mechanism, then this scope is best. Multiple coatings on the lens can also aid in more efficient light transmission. The best scope should perform very well in both daytime and nighttime hunting activities.

Good scope for hunting feral hogs should also have a magnification power of not more than 4x unless you have other games to hunt. Hog hunting is often done within 100 yards of the animal. The majority of these animals can be hunted within 25 to 50 yards, with some getting ‘downed’ in as close as 10 yards.

A very simple reticle system differentiates a hog hunting scope from those used for other purposes. There is no need for complicated markings in the reticle because the target is quite close. Of course, you can still benefit from windage and elevation adjustments if you are hunting from a considerable distance of 150 to 200 yards.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Hog Hunting Scope

There are several factors that people need to consider when picking the best optics for hog hunting. These factors all relate to the nocturnal nature of feral hogs. If this is your first time hunting for wild pigs, then you need to understand the following qualities of a good hog hunting rifle scope.

All-around Performance

This is the single most important characteristic of a good hog hunting scope. It should be able to give you an excellent view of the animal in any lighting light condition. Feral hogs are most active at night. However, they can also be active during the day, especially in seasons other than summer. The summertime nocturnal or crepuscular nature of feral hog requires a scope that performs very well in low light conditions. The animal’s other-season diurnal behavior will require a scope that is perfect for daytime hunting. It would be ideal to get a scope that performs well both day and night.

Quality of the Optics

Optical quality can have an impact on the performance of the scope in low light conditions. Scopes with a large objective lens can allow more light to enter the scope tube. This brightens the image in the riflescope and allows you to see the boar from a distance. Special coatings on the lens can also improve overall light transmission. It is, therefore, recommended that you get scopes from manufacturers that are known for making high-quality optics. You can also compare different scopes side by side and pick one that offers the clearest image.

Reticle Type

Some people may think that the type of reticle is not important when hunting feral hogs. However, it can play a role in target re-acquisition. Feral hogs move very fast and they love to hide in thick bushes. If you have a reticle with many elevations and windage markings, you may not be able to see very fine details of the hog’s surroundings. Remember that you will be hunting mostly in the dark. Feral hogs also have a dark color. This makes them very difficult to spot. Too many markings in the reticle can make sighting the hog difficult. A simple red dot or a Duplex crosshair is often enough for hog hunting.

Scope Power

You can pick a fixed rifle scope or one with variable power. If you know your target will never go beyond 50 yards and you have excellent eyesight, then a fixed scope would do fine. However, given the unpredictable nature of hunting, it would be more appropriate to pick a scope with variable power. This provides you with a good combination of precision and speed to go for the kill. Hope this post could help you find the best scope for hog hunting, if you don’t have time, PARD NV008 will be a nice choice for you.

Night Vision Capabilities

Wild pigs prefer to go out when it is already dark. As such, you will need a device that will help you zero-in on the thermal or infrared signature of your prey. You can choose a handheld night vision device or choose a rifle scope that already comes with the technology. Avid hog hunters would always pick the latter for convenience.

In Conclusion

Like any other rifle scope, choosing the best scope for hog hunting requires a clear understanding of the very nature of these animals. Feral hogs are most active in the dark. As such, your scope should perform very well in low light conditions. Therefore, night vision capabilities are the best.

However, you should also know that wild pigs tend to roam during the day in spring and autumn. A good rifle scope for feral hog hunting should be versatile enough for both day and night applications. We hope that our review of the top 6 rifle scopes for hunting feral pigs has helped you decide on which scope to mount onto your rifle.

Anyway, we appreciate having the opportunity to earn your business. is all we do, and we take great pride in creating educated consumers from our reviews, tests, and unbiased information. If at any time you have a question, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for trusting us, have a nice day!

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