Best Digital Day and Night Rifle Scope for Hunting: PARD NV008P

digital rifle scope

Best Digital Day and Night Rifle Scope for Hunting: PARD NV008P

Simply a decade earlier, a digital rifle scope might only be seen in movies but today it has ended up being an essential product for all seekers. Additionally, it currently has a day set as well as night vision as a conventional feature. Nowadays it is an actual challenge to pick a budget-friendly electronic riflescope, specifically taking into account the number of products readily available on the marketplace.

I was facing the same trouble of making a choice. Let me reveal to you five of the most popular digital riflescopes, which you will discover. In this write-up, I will certainly attempt to clarify to you my ideas regarding each of them. I truly hope that this will certainly help you make the right decision. Before we begin, let me discuss to you one of the most crucial attributes of a digital extent.

digital rifle scope-1Things need to know before buying

MAGNIFICATION: If you are a specialist paper killer with sub moa results, high magnifying is your option. If you’re an expert hunter, you, without a doubt, comprehend the value of a bigger field of view. Reduced magnifying => bigger field of view => simpler to detect an animal => even more searching successes.

VIDEO RECORD RESOLUTION: Digital riflescopes offer you the possibility to videotape video clips as well as take photos while capturing or searching. As a result of reduced resolution, old video clips on YouTube have pixelated photos. If you wish to have great video clips in high resolution, after that you need to pay attention to the video document resolution attribute. To have smooth as well as without delaying video clip, it needs to have a high level of FPS (Frames per Second).

EYE RELIEF is a range from the eyepiece of your scope to your eye. Greater calibers have greater recoil and also the range to your eye ought to be big sufficient to stay clear of getting “scoped”. For air guns and 22LR– practically no recoil, but for 308 VICTORY or 30-06SPR– it is better to have conventional 90mm eye alleviation.

BATTERY LIFE is an important thing for digital riflescopes: no power = no range. Your extent ought to function long enough since you can come across an animal right after you get here in the field or 4 hrs later on.

NIGHT VISION— is a common thing for all provided extents. The high quality of the image depends on the power of your IR-illuminator as well as sensing unit resolution in your scope.

MOUNTING: If your AR-15 has a Picatinny rail, then there will be no problem with mounting a digital scope. For bolt action and shotguns – digital scopes are mounted too high and you will need to have an adjustable cheekpiece.

PRICE: If you need to pay an arm and a leg to get a digital rifle scope – it is better not to talk about this scope. In this article, you will find scopes only at an affordable cost.

WEIGHT: It goes without saying that every gram of your equipment turns into a kilogram of weight when you are exhausted, especially if it is a trekking hunt. Weight is very important and more than crucial for specific hunting types. Unfortunately, most digital scopes are quite heavy. Hope this can be changed shortly.

FEATURES: Digital scopes provide useful features to a shooter (Ballistic calculator, rangefinder, streaming, etc.) A ballistic calculator with a rangefinder helps a shooter to make a precise shot by providing proper corrections to hit the target. Streaming video from your scope can be useful to teach someone how to shoot or to make your shooting experience more fun.

Best Digital Day and Night Rifle Scope Reviews


digital rifle scope-2The first place in this chart is the ATN X-SIGHT 4K PRO. It has the second-best price for ultimate daylight image, good night vision, nice design, and a lot of useful features.

The daylight image is extremely good due to the highest resolution (3864×2218) and highest 120 FPS on the market – crisp image with deep colors and it is very smooth without any sort of lags. You can record video and audio, take pictures, or do live streaming via wi-fi. If you don’t like long videos but you want to save the moment of your shot – the Recoil Activated Video feature will help you (it captures video before and after the shot). Night vision is also good, with the included IR-illuminator you can easily determine small animals at 200 yards (for longer distances you will need to buy a more powerful IR-illuminator).

Speaking about included features: it has a ballistic calculator – you just need to input data about your rifle’s ammunition into the scope and you will get a ballistic drop for different distances (your reticle will change accordingly). As an option, you can use the Smart Mil-Dot reticle which works on all magnification ranges (same as an FFP reticle in daytime scopes). Stadiametric rangefinder is included but if you would like to have more precise data for longer shots – you would need to buy a rangefinder as an accessory.

The X-Sight has the best energy management system, it`s battery lasts about 18 hours – you won’t find any competitor even comes close to these numbers. And you don’t need to think about batteries or a specific charger, you can use any type C USB-cable.

Last but not least – the digital rifle scope is made from aluminum alloy, which makes it heavier but it is more durable and protected from environmental factors. The design of this digital scope was made to be similar to a daytime riflescope: it can be mounted with 30mm rings on any weaver base. Using standard rings, it can be mounted on a bolt action rifle with no issues (the scope’s profile does not interfere with the ejection port). It has 90mm eye relief – standard distance for daytime scope, that will allow you to put this scope on a higher caliber without any risk of being “scoped”.


digital rifle scope-3Second place is the ACCUFIRE NOCTIS V1 – not the cheapest scope but it has a nice image quality and can work for 5 hours. Video can be recorded with 1920×1080 resolution. Night vision mode is fine and can provide you multiple colors for viewing. Included IR-illuminator gives the possibility to see clearly at 300 yards.

The downside of this digital rifle scope is its price and 4xCR123 batteries. You will need to buy expensive batteries every time you would like to use your scope (you can use your power bank as an alternative but it won’t be a comfortable use with your rifle).


This scope is the most expensive on our list, but for a good night image and good additional features, it takes 3rd place. Night image is one of the best on the market for this price range and the included IR-illuminator helps to find a target up to 500 yards away. Picture-in-picture mode provides you the possibility to find a target with a big field of view in lower magnification and to make a precise shot with high magnification – all on one screen. Integrated stadiametric rangefinder will be a nice tool, especially with 5 individual shooting profiles for different distances. The scope has 10 different reticles (scalable ballistic reticles also included).

The digital rifle scope has a rechargeable lithium battery which lasts about 4 hours in max consumption mode. It also has a specially designed port for charging cable (better not to lose it, because standard type C USB-cable won’t fit). The body of the scope is made from cheap quality plastic and you, probably, will face some issues during use, but it makes the scope a bit lighter than other similar scopes. The scope is shockproof (you can put it on a .375H&H) but due to small eye relief (only 50mm), it is recommended to be used with only medium calibers.


4th place and the cheapest scope is Sightmark Wraith. It is made from aluminum alloy and is the heaviest scope here. Image quality in night and day mode is quite medium in comparison to other scopes. It has no additional features, no App., no possibility to stream. You can record video but without audio. AA batteries are used as a power supply for the scope and it lasts about 4.5 hours, which is not bad. But buying AA batteries every time is cumbersome and not environmentally friendly. The main advantage of this scope is its price and simplicity – just a digital scope with day and night modes.

5. PARD NV008 digital rifle scope

Digital rifle scope Pard NV-008 is in the last place on our chart. It has the lowest weight, affordable price, and nice image quality. It has no application for your smartphone and it is not possible to make wi-fi streaming from your scope. But the main crucial disadvantage of this scope is its eye relief – only 35mm. I am using centerfire rifles in .308 WIN and .30-06 SPR – this means they have some recoil. With 35 mm eye relief, I will injure my eye.

For this reason, you will see a lot of reviews on the web with this scope only on-air guns or 22LR. PARD NV008 is OK to eliminate rats at night with your air gun but a bad option for hog or coyote hunting with .308 WIN.


Using the best night vision scope attachment, you will be able to improve your shooting accuracy and get a rewarding hunting experience. It can help you get a better sight picture and increase your chances of acquiring your target.

And for the things to help you select the right one for your needs, skills, and hunting situation, you can refer to the buying guide highlighting the factors, including the field of view, generation, and clarity, to name some. Good luck and enjoy hunting with the right NVS attachment today!

As always, we appreciate having the opportunity to earn your business. is all we do, and we take great pride in creating educated consumers from our reviews, tests, and unbiased information. If at any time you have a question, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for trusting us, have a nice day!

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