5 Easy Shooting Tips For Beginners with Pard Night Vision NV007

5 Easy Shooting Tips For Beginners with Pard Night Vision NV007

The Pard NV007 night vision scope is right there in affordability at around $500.00 price. The NV007 is a budget-friendly Night Vision Scope Attachment with quality far above the price tag. The unit can mount to any standard day scope, instantly converting it to a night vision scope. The PARD offers users the ability to use their scope between 4x – 28x magnification, the ability to record or live stream to a smartphone, and a laser pointer for instant target acquisition.

pard night vision nv007

The Pard night vision NV007 comes in a case that holds the device, coupler, battery, cloth, and charging cable, as well as for instructions and insulating tape for fitment to your scope’s eyepiece! The only thing that is missing is an SD card for recording images or video. It’s a tough little piece of kit, consisting of a black polymer shell, rubber eyepiece, and aluminum sleeve coupling. It weighs only 250 grams, so is light on the back of the scope you mount it to and does not strain it too much.

While focusing on items like trigger control, breathing, and proper alignment when shooting are all important, there are some other tips that will make shooting easier for a new shooter. Whether you are shooting at night with Pard NV007 night vision scope or during the day with a pistol, these tips will help any novice shooter become a better shot.

1. Don’t fight your rifle.

For the best precision let the gunpoint where it wants to point. The shot where there is no adjustment necessary to bring the gun on target is typically the most accurate. Every rifle wants to point a certain when it is held. It’s best to think of the rifle as part of yourself, not a separate object. This makes it easier to aim at the target because you will use your whole body to aim at the target instead of just the rifle.

2. Follow through.

The ideal follow through when shooting your rifle is the one that you will wind up in the exact position you were in when the shot broke. Make sure to hold it until the bullet is downrange and hold the trigger back until you are ready for your next shot.

3. Prone position.

The prone position is the easiest and most accurate way to get an accurate shot when you are a beginner. Master the prone position before working on other stances.

4. Don’t underestimate the shooting sling.

Using a shooting sling can have a significant effect on your shooting ability. Best of all, slings are affordable. They are a great investment to help make you more accurate and precise.

5. Open your eyes.

Shoot with both eyes open when using guns with iron sights or optics (night vision scopes, red dot sights, etc). This will allow you to relax more. You will be able to focus on what you are doing and it will enhance your view.

With these easy shooting tips, we believe that you can have a better hunting experience and catch more prey during the hunting season.

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