The PARD NV007 Night Vision upgrade version full review

In contrast to most popular night vision attachments, PARD NV007 is mounted on the eyepiece of the riflescope instead of the objective. On top of that, you won’t have to spend any extra money on the adapter as it is already included in the box. Keep in mind, though, that the adapter included in the box is designed for eyepiece diameter of 45 mm, 45 mm being the maximum value. If the eyepiece of your riflescope is much wider (or narrower) than this, the adapter won’t fit. Luckily, you can also order a 42mm and 48mm adapter. Keep in mind that you can’t mount NV007 on riflescopes that have a battery compartment or any other protruding parts on the eyepiece. Swarovski Z6i and Z8i, for example, are not compatible with the adapter. The mounting procedure is different from what we are used too, but it works – use the supplied tape to achieve the required thickness of the eyepiece (this also prevents scratches to the riflescope once the adapter is fixed on), put the adapter on the riflescope and secure it by tightening the screws, making sure that the adapter is fixed in place. Once the adapter is mounted on the riflescope, attaching the NV007 to the adapter is incredibly simple – just press it on and rotate it until you hear a click. Removing it is just as simple, you have to pull the little button next to the objective back and rotate it in the counterclockwise direction – no additional tools are needed for attachment as well as removal.

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