Review of the Pard 007 night vision and Foxing test

PARD NV007 is currently one of the hottest items in the world of sports optics.  this digital night vision delivers more than one can expect at this price point. The demand for this device is on the rise – in this short article, we are going to look at its features and explain why it currently ranks as one of the most sought-after night vision gadgets on the market.


PARD managed to produce a device that is less expensive than those made by the competition but with a decent optical performance still. Sure, its optics are not on the same level as those of the also-highly-popular Pulsar Forward F455, but we have to keep in mind that NV007 comes at half of F455’s price. The image quality is impressive for the money, and NV007 outperforms other popular digital night vision devices found in this price class (around 600 €). On top of that, it is the most affordable digital night vision attachment currently on the market – most devices found in this price class are of the monocular type. Furthermore, it is incredibly light at 250 grams, lighter than digital night vision devices made by other companies, and compact – it measures 106 mm in length, 97 mm in height, and 47 mm in width.

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